How And When to Take Supplements Like Prodovite

People all over the world are waking up to the benefits of supplements. However, there are too many myths and confusions regarding the proper use of these essential building blocks. Knowledge about how to take supplements is of vital importance so as to ensure the best absorption and utilization by your body.

When to take which supplement, which ones can interfere or enhance the absorption of another, with meals or empty stomach, morning, noon, or night; questions like these bother most of us when we start on any supplement regime.vitamins

Vitamins and supplements fall into two categories; Water soluble and Fat Soluble. Water Soluble supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex flow through our blood stream and out of our body if taken in excess. They cannot be stored and thus it is advisable that we keep replenishing them during the day instead of one big dose once a day. Fat Soluble supplements like Vitamins A, D, E, and K need some kind of fat in order to be absorbed and they can be stored in our body for later use. Too much of such fat vitamins can be harmful. Also, adequate intake of water with all supplements is essential.

Iron and Vitamin C work best when taken together and Vitamin B complex boosts metabolism. If you take a supplement like Prodovite, you’re going to get a lot more out of your vitamins. In order to do this, you can order it from ProdoviteNow. Vitamin E with milk and cereal adds the required anti-oxidant component for the entire day. These taken in the morning with food helps maintain energy levels throughout the day.

CoEnzyme Q10, Zinc, and Iodine are best taken with meals since its absorption requires adequate dietary fiber. Vitamin D, K, and Omega 3 need dietary fat to get absorbed and work best when taken with an afternoon meal.

Calcium, Magnesium is best taken at night because that is when they are best utilized and also have a calming effect on the nervous and muscular system. However, Calcium and Iron should never be taken together since they hamper each other’s absorption.