About Knothole Enterprises

Way back in the day when nobody had access to the internet, the way that people got a hold of their arts and crafts was by going down to the local supermarket and finding something to use in order to make beautiful artwork or crafts.

Sydney Crawford started at 9 years old collecting stamps and making blankets for he family. She went around town and gathered up all the materials that she could in order to keep her family warm. For her, getting a hold of materials to make things wasn’t a fun things to do, it was for survival.

Ever since she started gathering these materials she also started trading and bartering for other arts and crafts as well. It went everywhere from stamps, to knick nacks, to wooden materials, and eventually she made so much doing that that she opened up a shop called Knothole. This is where it all started. Since then she grew the business to a level that has deemed it an enterprise that it is today.

sydney at knothole